Saturday, January 27, 2007

One More Day...

The week is basically over, and I'm finding myself in an interesting reflective mood. This week has been marked with a few certain realizations for me. One of which is that I did better at using my time this week, though not as well as I would have liked. During the first few days, I did a lot of research and some goofing off. That left the last couple days for me to do the writing. It worked out ok in the end, but I hope to not repeat this cycle. Over Thursday and Friday, I read a large portion of 5 books and wrote 3600 words, finishing at 4am on friday, and crashing for 5 hours before a really good tutorial at 10.

The other realization that I've come to will make a little more sense of the title I've chosen for this post. I realized somewhere between the chaos of Social Anthropology and Existentialism, that I've come to ask for a few second chances this week. Some of those second chances, like another day to read and work on those papers, were impossible to have. And yet others have been given with such undue grace that I was ashamed at how little I deserved them. I was walking to the library the other day, and I suddenly felt a song emerge in my heart, with a few specific words sticking out in my head. The songwriter explores many themes, but at one point humbly admits, "I wish for one more day to give my love and repay debts..."

That's how I felt a few times this week. The only comfort for me is, ironically, the idea that tomorrow is a new day, and that God offers his grace afresh if I am willing to wake up and reach for it. As poetically smooth as that idea sounds, I don't want to rely on "One More Day" because one day, there won't be. I guess the lesson here is cliche for many, but with a newfound meaning for me. Seize the day.

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Jessie said...


I love reading and watching you find yourself. It is beautiful.

I love you. every part of you.